Air filters play a vital role in the performance and efficiency of a vehicle. The filter must be as clean as possible to keep small particles such as dust, leaves, or even insects from getting inside your A/C system, engine, fuel line or fuel tank. Similar to a vacuum filter, your vehicle’s air filter can get contaminated and clogged naturally over time, which can make for  an unpleasant commute because it can cause your vehicle to experience noticeably slower throttle response, diminished engine performance, and increased engine wear. The regular replacement of your air filter can allow you to avoid expensive repairs and will keep all of vehicle’s systems functioning properly. New air filters prevent your oxygens sensors from being damaged, boost your vehicle’s acceleration, and protect the engine from dust and other harmful particles. Air filters should be checked on a regular basis and replaced at least once per year. If you are unsure the last time your air filter was changed, contact Doug’s Automotive for an honest answer! Cabin air filters are specifically intended to keep passengers protected against smoke, smog, dander, fungus, mold spores, mildew, pollen, and other pollutants in the air from reaching inside the vehicle cabin. Cabin air filters are kept in your vehicle’s ventilation system and protect the inside of your car from being exposed to potentially harmful airborne pollutants. It is necessary to replace your cabin air filter on a regular basis in order to keep all individuals inside the vehicle safe from breathing in contaminants, allergens, and pollutants. We recommend that you check your cabin air filter either annually or every  12,000 miles and change it according to the direction of your vehicle’s owner’s manufacturer. You can trust our technicians at Doug’s Auto Repair to change out your filter, which keeps your vehicle on the road performing at its best!

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