There is an old story told of how a man tried to turn every negative in his life into a positive. One day, the man’s car got stolen, and he laughed and said, “Ha! Ha! Has no brakes!”

While this situation may be funny as a joke, it certainly is NOT funny for your brakes to fail in real life. Here are some of the indicators that you may need to stop by Doug’s and get your brakes checked:

  •  Squealing or squeaking noises when brakes are applied. This could be the warning device installed on many brakes which makes a squeal noise to alert the driver that the brake pads are near end of life and should be replaced soon. Extremely hot and humid climates can also cause this sound due to its effect on the brakes.
  •  Brake pedal feels soft or spongy—as if you have to put excess pressure on it just to get the car to stop. Soft or spongy brakes are a clear sign that indicates the presence of air in your brake fluid – which can be remedied with a brake fluid change so that the air can be removed to fix the problem.
  •  Pulling to one side as if the car has a mind of its own
  •  Vibrating brake and/or steering wheel,  similar to those felt when brakes are applied quickly and harshly to avoid an accident. This may be an indication that your rotors are warped or worn down and need to be resurfaced  flat or replaced to ensure a smooth and consistent braking of the vehicle. This process also requires the replacement of your vehicle’s brake pads as well.
  •  ABS light on dash appears. This could be an indication that there is an issue with your vehicle’s anti lock brake system (this system keeps your wheels from “locking up” when you apply the brake pedal on a slick road.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, bring your vehicle to Doug’s for a full brake system inspection. Our certified teams are trained to be able to diagnose brake system issues, and repair or replace components as necessary. We believe in only using the best quality replacement parts, while keeping them affordable.

At Doug’s we stand behind our work. We want you to feel safe on the road, AND with our services. So, give us a brake. Your next brake job.

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