We’ve all been there. You get in your car to go to work, only to turn the key and… nothing. Your car won’t start. You’re late and now flustered wondering what is wrong.

Your vehicle’s electrical system is responsible for keeping your car running. This system is comprised of the battery, starter and alternator. The three components of the electrical system work in a circle. You turn your key to start the car and the battery gives power to the starter, the starter turns, and the alternator gives back energy to the battery.  While some people’s first thought in the situation above may be to jump start the battery, this won’t always solve the problem-at least not for long because the problem might not be from the battery itself, the engine or the starter. It’s possible for an unrelated component in the electrical system to drain your battery and keep the starter from cranking the engine when you turn the key. When a vehicle won’t start, it typically triggers the check engine light. You should be aware of key problem-alerting sounds such as a grinding or clicking noise when you turn the key and get a no-start. This is typically the sign of a problem with either your battery, starter, flywheel ring gear, problems with the fuel injection delivery or something else entirely. Older and higher mileage vehicles are at greater risk of their rotting electrical parts going out. We suggest car owners take the preventative measure of scheduling a routine throttle body and fuel injection cleaning to make it easier for your engine to start more quickly. The average battery only lasts around 5 years or so and even less time if in a regularly hot region. We recommend that our customers take the preventative action of replacing your battery every 4 years in order to avoid being stranded.

If any of the key components of your vehicle’s electrical system are not functioning properly, you may also experience dimmed lights on the dash or dimmed headlights, a smell of burnt rubber, or grinding/whining noises. If you are noticing any of the above warning signs, have no fear. Doug’s Automotive team is here to save you from being stranded somewhere. Our team will be able to identify and repair or replace (if necessary) any component that is not functioning as it should. We will only use replacement parts that are reliable and affordable, all while maintaining an open and honest communication with you as our customer.

Don’t wait until you are stranded somewhere. Contact Doug’s Automotive to have your electrical system serviced.

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