You may be asking yourself, “what is a fuel system cleaning”? We’re happy to enlighten you and we’ll begin by helping you better understand a vehicle’s fuel system. The fuel tank is the chamber that holds the gas or diesel supply for a vehicle to use; it’s what you’re filling your vehicle with at the gas pump. Fuel lines are the tubes that deliver the fuel to the engine from the fuel tank. Fuel filters keep the fuel injectors from getting clogged by collecting the grit or dirt that may be found within the fuel lines. The fuel pumps transport the fuel past the fuel filters and through the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors have a tiny spout that produces a fine mist of fuel into the cylinder, where the spark plug will create a spark which lights the fuel and causes the small and controlled explosion which powers the crankshaft and thus turns the wheels.
It’s important to understand that the fuel injectors must be uninhibited in producing a fine and broad mist of fuel to allow the spark plug to ignite it. The fuel injectors can become clogged or constrained which produces a solid stream of fuel instead of a mist- like a water pistol stream, and this will not allow the fuel to ignite as it should. This problem is typically caused by the buildup of fuel varnish deposits, and this will end up using more of your fuel while providing less power to your vehicle.

Watch out  for these signs which indicate that the fuel system may be experiencing an issue:

  •  Lower than usual gas mileage
  •  Smoke coming from the engine
  •  Burning smell
  •  Noticeable decrease in acceleration
  •  Car loses power at odd times
  •  Car stalls while in motion (and not because it’s a stick shift!)
  •  Service engine light appears on dash

If any or all of these signs are occurring in your vehicle, it may be a sign of an aging or unclean fuel system. Doug’s certified technicians are trained to check the fuel pump and fuel filter and know the difference between parts that need replacing, and parts that need to be cleaned or repaired. Let Doug’s help you clean up your fuel system and get you back on the road without burning a hole in your wallet.

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