The suspension, shocks, and struts of a vehicle has the job of helping the driver to maintain control while driving by adjusting to road conditions such as bumps and turns, and to keep the ride more comfortable at the same time. Doug’s Auto Repair can make certain that your suspension system is ready for whatever bump or turn you face on the road.
The wear and tear of a vehicle’s shocks and struts is a serious matter of safety as they are very crucial components to your suspension system. If shocks and struts are worn badly enough, it can have a great impact on how your wheels ride on the road, which can cause poor performance, swaying, hydroplaning and overall compromise your handling of the vehicle. Your average strut or shock will give you about 50,000 well-performing miles, which means it has rotated more than 85 million times that will naturally bring the components wear. This would typically be a good time to have these components replaced, but there are certainly some signs you can look for as well to determine the condition of your shocks and struts; such as, swaying on turns, a buckling back-end during acceleration, a diving front-end while braking, uneven tire wear, a crooked steering wheel, and even bouncing, sliding, and pulling. It’s important to understand that a vehicle’s struts and shocks don’t always visibly show signs of being worn out, so looking out for these signs is even more important. Testing has shown that if you replace your shocks and struts after 50,000 miles it could shorten the distance of your vehicle’s stopping by up to ten feet, which needless to say is a great help for your auto safety.

If you are ready to restore your smooth ride, increase your vehicle’s stability, handling control, and overall safety and comfort, then contact Doug’s Automotive for a fair price, exceptional service, and overall inspection of your car’s suspension system. We are ready to “shock” you with our honest approach to car repair and service.

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