Your car is an amazing piece of machinery, but one of the most amazing parts of the machine is the transmission; which literally transmits power from the engine and allows the car to shift properly. There are many ways to abuse your transmission, making it need servicing more frequently, but with proper care this component of your car can last a long time.

If your car has been overheating frequently, exposed to extreme heat for long periods of time, is used for short trips or during stop and go traffic patterns, or you are prone to racing—these may be signs that your transmission needs servicing.

The servicing for your transmission is two-part, a transmission fluid change and a transmission flush. The transmission fluid change, as obviously stated, is changing out the fluid; once the fluid is drained, the transmission should be flushed to clear out the transmission of any loose, hard particles or shavings before the clean transmission fluid is poured. This process is crucial maintenance to the wellness of your vehicle’s health, which is why car manufacturers recommend routinely scheduled transmission service for their vehicles, typically recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles. Transmission maintenance is perhaps of even greater importance to trucks used to pull heavily-weighted loads. Your vehicle will run at its optimum performance for a longer time when you make its transmission maintenance a priority. This type of transmission maintenance will greatly reduce the risk of needing an expensive transmission repair in the future.

Doug’s Automotive service team is experienced with transmissions at all phases of their life. If it is in need of repair, we only use high quality, affordable replacement parts. If your transmission is experiencing any of the symptoms above, and is ready for some attention, contact Doug’s to help you save its life.

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