Doug’s truly is a one-stop shop, and as such we provide both preventative maintenance and extensive repairs for fleets of all sizes. Our technicians take great care to attend to the needs of each vehicle in the fleet, and have been for many years.

Our business is to properly care for and maintain your fleet in a reliable and timely manner so that you can keep your cars safely on the road. We offer specialized pricing to our fleet customers as well as peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are in good hands.

We understand the nature of your business revolves around your cars, and we have that in common! We know that proper maintenance keeps your downtime to a minimum, and saves you money by preventing breakdowns and other future problems that only lead to frustration for both you and your customer.  When your cars are services at Doug’s, you can count on exceptional care.

As fleet specialists, we will set up a schedule of routine maintenance and repairs to be done on each vehicle in your inventory. We work with major insurance companies, so if major repairs are needed, we will coordinate both insurance and warranty coverage, if applicable. Whether your fleet consists of big trucks or tiny smart cars, we can handle maintenance on any vehicle, for all sizes of fleets.

Doug’s Automotive has earned the respect and repeat business of it’s clients by providing quality service from their always honest team. We believe that by providing great service, honest diagnostics and quality care, we will continue to build a reputation as the auto body shop you should turn to. For fleet services large or small, be sure to give Doug’s automotive a call!